Please criticize the new world model ! We want it to go through the fire of expert checks.

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Allgemeine Kosmos-Theorie


An  understandable new world model

explains, how the universe is organized





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AKT solves 6 big problems of physics at one stroke. That was possible without raping space and time. The fundamental predictions of AKT reach farer than those of ART. Furthermore, all processes in micro– and macro-cosmos are described in one language. AKT is a theory of one piece and ready for publication in a journal of physics. Later it will be published here. Title see .

disclosing parts, so in regard to dark matter, so in regard to the twofold gravity phenomenon, not yet in its mathematical form. It is shown why the second theorem of Thermo-dynamics is wrong. A better theory of light is presented. Based on it a special light-speed-experiment in ISS is suggested (akt3-1). Special predictions are made, so that specialists can test the right or wrong of AKT.

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AKT-Surprise is available, and AKT-Cosmology,

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